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Quiet day today. Olli is in Verden all weekend (where Antin and Sir Olli tied for 5th place today in the 5 year olds!). I went to the barn a little early this morning and schooled Floriscount, Dellenger and Four Seasons very lightly, since I had to be back to pick up Linda and Daniel as 10:15. We all hopped in the car and headed to Muenster to Hengstation Holkenbrink where I was looking at a 3 year old for a friend back home. She was a very cute Totilas/Rubinstein mare who had JUST been started under saddle, so it was kind of fun to sit on a real baby again!

Then Linda and Daniel and I went to the zoo in Muenster. When I was here working for Mr. Balkenhol, I visited this zoo, because they have a museum dedicated to the horse. It covers everything from eohippus up to current sport in Germany with jumpers, dressage horses, driving, eventing, etc. It is super informative. But I figured Daniel and Linda would rather just see the zoo, so off we went. We saw elephants, bears, giraffes, all manner of birds and snakes, etc. Daniel loved it but got VERY sleepy after a couple hours, so we headed home.

Tomorrow I will have more time to really work the horses. I’m eager to try to get some good work out of Four Seasons without Olli there and see if I can replicate the feeling in the pirouettes and changes. Tomorrow our friend Dan arrives for a short visit over the weekend. We will all go back to Verden Saturday, where it should be PACKED!