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So, SO excited for this workshop! Who out there struggles with feeling anxious leading up to a show? Or terrible butterflies when you first get on to warm up? Your mind goes blank and you forget your test or your course? You win the warmup but can’t quite ever get it together in the show ring?

We all deal with some or all of these feelings. But there are ways to prepare, to cope the day of, and to improve each time. These techniques have been studied and proven to help athletes across all sports.

Dr. Jeff Coleman is a sports and performance psychologist who will spend the day with us helping to teach us some of these helpful techniques. Dr J has spent the last 20+ years working within sport, military, and corporate domains to build performance excellence. He makes a difference by taking solid science and making it practical to help you excel in your area of passion.

The workshop will run from 8:30am to 1:30pm and include breakfast and lunch. We will get to ask questions, practice these techniques, and head home with tools to help us in and out of the saddle.

$100 for the day.

$40 to join over zoom. You will receive a link when the recorded sessions along with articles to further your education and take him tools to practice.

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