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Eliza Sydnor Dressage

Full Training Board

We Offer Full Training Board

Eliza Sydnor Dressage, LLC accepts horses of all levels in training. Full training includes board at Ardenwood Farm and is individually tailored to each horse’s needs.  In general, the horses work 4 days a week in the arena and have two days of hacking or hill work, depending on their age.  Owners are welcome to be as hands on with the training as they like.  Some clients live far away and get updates via email with photos and videos.  Other clients ride the majority of the time in lessons and have Eliza, Kate, or Nicole work the horse only once or twice a week. Contact Eliza for more information. 

Full Training Board – $2000/month.

Ardenwood farm

Horses Currently In Training


2014 Hanoverian Gelding (For Compliment/Royal Prince) bred by Janet Grunbok, owned by Betsy Callaway.

Foray – or Ray Ray/Sweet Baby Ray/Sugar Ray – is an incredible young horse. He came in training with Eliza last fall and began his first shows this spring, winning everything with scores in the 70s. He is coming 7 this year, finally finishing growing (please God!) and packing on incredible muscle. This is a top horse for the future – three awesome gaits, a willing personality and so much suppleness, sometimes we wonder if there are any bones in there 😉


2011 Hanoverian Gelding (by Razmatazz), owned by Deanna Corby.

Roman is a love bug and an incredible worker bee. Deanna has taken him from unstarted to Fourth Level, and each winter, Eliza gets to play with him for a few months to further his education. And now Deanna is expecting her first child (hooray!!) so Eliza will have Roman for a little longer this year. Roman is knocking on the door of PSG, and we are working on improving his strenth, teaching him to sit more and just building his overall confidence in the upper level movements.


2013 Hanoverian Gelding by Londontime, owned by Stacey Quaranta

Loch and Stacey have developed such an awesome partnership in the short time she’s owned him. Eliza has shown him 3rd level, and Stacey is planning to do the same this year. This horse has oodles of talent – three beautiful gaits, a super hard working disposition and tons of power. We are working on collection – improving his ability to sit, self carriage and managing all his power in a balanced way. The sky is the limit for this pair!!


2016 Hanoverian Gelding (by Dante Weltino) owned and bred by Julie McKean

Dalwhinnie, aka Dubs, is a phenomenal young horse. Julie bred her amazing Grand Prix mare, Stelina, to Dante Weltino, and got this gorgeous guy! He came to us in 2020 to be started under saddle, and he has grown in all ways!! He is physically mature now, but mentally still coming along 😉 Dubs showed very successfully last year at Training and First Level. This is a top horse for the future, and with patience and correct training – I see no limit to his abilites!


2019 Hanoverian Gelding (by Florianus II and out of a Riverman ISF mare) owned and bred by Donna Tyler

This big boy was started last fall here at ESD and then had the winter off to keep growing….and growing! He is so lovely under saddle – always sweet and willing, three beautiful gaits, and SUCH a strong conformation. Can’t wait to see what the future holds for this handsome boy.


2017 Oldenburg GOV Mare (Bonds/Wildcard) bred by Debbie Malinowski, owned by Christine Pavey

“Pya” is such a doll! She was started under saddle by Eliza at the end of 2020 and did her first shows with scores to 70% in 2021. She is growing and packing muscle on and looking amazing with Christine riding much of the time now. She is one for the future for sure. Bred by Wellsmont Farm, right here in Hillsborough!

Horses Previously In Training


2019 Hanoverian Gelding (by Sir Wanabi out of a Cabalito mare) owned by Susan DiFelice and bred by Ashley Holsinger of Memory’s Hill Stables

This horse is just so lovely all around! Gorgeous, sweet and so fun to ride! Really excited for the future for this pair.


Bred by Debbie Malinowski at Wellsmont Farm (by Sinatra Song) and owned by Cara Buchanan

Femka started her career as a hunter before switching gears and focusing on dressage for the past 4-5 years. Cara completed her Bronze medal with Sweet Femka last year. They are a great example of what a dedicated student can accomplish through hard work


2014 Hanoverian Gelding (Franziskus/Ehrenwort) owned by Karen Gollins.

“Frisco” is a gorgeous guy who has been very successful at the lower levels with trainer, Elizabeth Hart, before coming to Eliza in training. We are working on improving fitness, straightness and suppleness. Frisco is an immensely talented young horse. He will be shown at 3rd level in 2022. We are very excited for the future with him!

Harry Windsor

2018 Hanoverian Gelding (Herzensdieb/Wilmington) bred and owned by Tom Edwards.

Harry is the bee’s knees. This guy is the cuddliest, most reliable, most handsome young horse I think I’ve ever known. He is the same every day – always a joy! I am hoping to find someone who wants to buy him and keep him in training for the rest of his life, because none of us want to see him leave! Schooling all of Training level and ready for the FEI 4 year old test in 2022.

Graffini Grace

2000 Hanoverian Mare (Graf Genius/Espri) bred by Honey Locust Farm, owned by Cindy Sydnor

Gracie is a very talented mare with a lot of energy and expression. She has competed successfully through the I-1. Gracie had a filly, Lorelei, by Lagoheidor May 24, 2014, and we are thrilled with her! Gracie came back stronger than ever after her time off to be a mom. She and Eliza last competed in 2015, doing an I1 Freestyle. She then helped Kate Tackett get her Bronze medal and taught some lucky students upper level movements. What a schoolmaster this girl turned into! Anyone who knew her as a young horse would never have guessed it 😉 Gracie has finally been retired, enjoying her life back at Braeburn Farm, out in the big field with her good friends Fresca and Spiffy.